A village on the Ohio river, in the northwest corner of Mason county, 12 miles from Maysville, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 150 miles from Louisville. It contains a steam saw mill, two churches and three schools. It was first settled in 1818, and incorporated in 1836. Population 800. Adams express and daily mail. J.J. McMillan, postmaster.

Business Directory

Anderson, Mrs. M., milliner.
Cleveland, S.W., wagonmaker.
Curran, T.A., lawyer.
Cushman, H.B. & Co., tobacco dealers.
Dobyns, A.F., justice of the peace.
Goff, J.S., Undertaker.
Hanna, A. & E.H., carpenters.
Hanna, J.W., general store.
Hess, J.C. & Co., Saw Mill.
Jennings & Winter, tobacco dealers.
Kline, S., butcher.
Ladenburger, C., saloon and blacksmith.
Lytle, R., druggist.
McMillan, J.J., Grocer.
McMillan, W.B., express agent.
McMillan & Bro., General Store.
Manning & Black, washing machines.
Mueller, August, blacksmith.
Munzing, Wm., saloon.
Myers, Rev. T.M. (methodist south.)
O'Connell, J.H., boots and shoes.
Patty, John, brick and coal dealer.
Rasor, L., saloon.
Smith, Fletcher, Physician.
Smith, F.M., physician.
Tabb, H.G., tobacco dealer.
Tabb, L. mnfr. catawba wine.
Tabb, L. & W.E., tobacco dealers.
Tabb, W.W., St. Cloud Hotel.
Teeples, J., blacksmith.
Terhune, R.C. & Son, livery.
Thomas, W.F., justice of the peace.
True, H.F. & Son, tobacco dealers.
Wallingford, E., broom mfr.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original