Fire, 1898

On Monday night of last week, Owenton, Owen County, was visited by a very destructive fire, entailing a loss of about $75,000, on which there was only about $16,000 insurance.  The fire broke out in a livery stable in the business part of town, and spread with great rapidity, nearly all the buildings in its course being frame, and occupied as business houses.  The fire company was wholly unable to contend with the destroyed element.  House after house melted away before the roaring flames until twenty-five buildings had a disappeared from the heart of town, but the worst of all was the loss of a human life.  H. B. McNeely, who had a room at the Mundy Hotel, was caught in his apartments, and perished in the flames.  When the fire was checked the town had not a livery stable or hotel, and it was due to a hard fight by the citizens that the courthouse was not destroyed, it being on fire several times. The Owen News office was destroyed. Its loss was $3,000 with an insurance of $1,000.  The News was issued from the office of the Carrollton News.  Among the losers was Judge Monfort, who lost everything and was glad to escape with his life.  The Judge has many friends in this county, who are very sorry to hear of his misfortune. 


  from the Boone County Recorder, October 25, 1898