Storm at Jonesville

The storm of July 7th played havoc with Jonesville and vicinity.  The report comes that 7 barns were demolished.  Among them we have received particular reports on the following: Robt. Webb lost an ice-house and the roof from his dwelling.  Al Perry’s large barn was blown down.  A log chain and a single tree hanging in the barn were caught up in the storm and carried a distance of 150 yards thru the wall of the dining room and landed on the table, demolishing the dishes.  Jas. Ennis and Thomas Stewart each lost their large tobacco barns.  Perhaps the heaviest loser was Jas. Poteet who lives near Downingsville in Grant County.  The flood swept away his entire crop of corn and tobacco; the wind blew down his barn, ruining an automobile, besides many other smaller losses.


The News-Herald, July 15, 1915