James Andrew Violett


James Andrew Violett, of Frankfort was born in Owen County, Kentucky, on the 22nd of July, 1852, and is descended from French ancestors who located in Virginia in the early days of American settlement.  The grandfather, John Violett, was born in the Old Dominion and in pioneer days came to Kentucky, locating in Henry County, where Leland Violett, father of our subject, was born.  The latter became an agriculturalist and married Miss Pollie Walker, of Owen County, Kentucky, daughter of William Walker, a native of England, an extensive land and slave owner and agriculturalist.

James A. Violett was reared on his father's farm and in his early youth received the ordinary educational privileges afforded by the common schools.  Later, he completed his literary course in Harrisburg College, Harrisburg, Owen County, Kentucky, and then began reading law in a class of students who were instructed by Judge Cofer, of the court of appeals.  He secured his license to practice in 1879, in Frankfort, where he established an office. . .


from The Lawyers and Lawmakers of Kentucky, 1897.