The county seat of Owen County was settled in 1818, and incorporated in 1828.  It is situated about in the center of the county, 9 miles from the Kentucky River at Gratz, and 10 at Monterey, 56 from Cincinnati, O., and 77 from Louisville.  Ship to Sparta on the Louisville & Cincinnati Short Line R. R., 12 miles distant.  It contains two churches, Christian and Baptist, the Presbyterians worshiping in the court-house, two schools, high and select, and has now in course of erection a jail, which when complete, will cost $10,000.  There are twenty-nine Granges, four Masonic Lodges and three Odd Fellows' Lodges which meet here.  The principal shipments are tobacco, whisky, and country produce.  Stage to Warsaw and Sparta.  Express, Adams.  Daily Mail.  Population 700.  Dallas B. Medford, postmaster.  

Business Directory

Barthel, A., shoemaker.
Bast, Daniel, tailor.
Beck, Rev. Jasper N., (Christian)
Bernard and Samuels, (plasterers).
Brandt, Frank, barber.
Briscoe, Lindsey, saddler.
Brooks, George W., shoemaker
Brown, George, contractor and builder.
Brown, Marion, contractor and builder.
Bryan, William G., confectionery.
Campbell, W. Taylor, painter
Chisler, Nicholas N., wagon maker
Clark, James, ,leaf tobacco
Cobb, Alfred, saddlery and harness
Cox, Attila, pres. Owenton, Sparta and Warsaw Stage Line 
Cox, James P., general store
Cox, Luke O., agent Adams Express Co. and life insurance agent.
Cox, F. & A. & Co., Groceries, Hardware, and Cutlery, and props. Owenton, Sparta and Warsaw Stage Line.
Craig, Reuben B., Groceries and Queensware.
Craigmyle, G. Washington, blacksmith.
Davis, Professor J. M., principal Owenton High School.
Duncan, James A., lawyer
Duncan, Squire, meat market.
Farmers Hotel, Squire M. Sebree, prop.
Gaines, Joseph L., wholesale liquors.
Gallagher, John, painter.
Garrison, SimeonW., livery.
Garvey, Robert, leaf tobacco.
Golden, Dominick, leaf tobacco.
Gordon, Thomas R., lawyer
Greene & Lindsay, lawyers
Greenwell, John B., Wagonmaker, Blacksmith and Gunsmith.
Grover, Asa P., lawyer.
Gurlitz, Willie J., photographer.
Hartsough, J. Clayton, undertaker.
Hawkins, Rev. John T. (Christian).
Hearn, Robert S., Drugs and Notions.
Hickman, Rev. Daniel, col'd. (Baptist)
Hill, George, Propr. Hill's Hotel.
Hooper, Josephus, dentist
Horniker, Christian, Contractor and Builder.
Humber, William C., physician and dentist
Johnson, John W., physician
Judy, Milton B., town marshal
Kenny, Rev. Elza J., (Baptist).
Kenny, Eugene J., painter.
Klein, Solomon, general store.
Lee, Eugene E., Propr. Owen News.
Levy, Abraham, general store.
Lillard, Jerre D., lawyer.
Lowe, George S., principal, select school
McGinnis, J. Williams, physician.
Manning, Charles F., watchmaker.
Marsh, Mount, wagonmaker.
Mason, Andrew J., grocers, boots and shoes.
Mefford, C. A. & Brother, confectioneries and notions.
Montgomery, Henry P., Lawyer.
Morton, Rev. Robert, col'd. (Baptist).
Mundy, Isaac, physician.
National Bank of Owen, Asa P. Grover, Pres., N. H. Witherspoon, Cashier.
Page, Roger J., lawyer
Parrish, Garrison, blacksmith.
Perry, J. William, lawyer.
Reese, Farmer, physician.
Riggs, Edward G., supt. Clark's Tobacco House
Roberts, Mrs. Ann M., grocery
Roberts, W. Bower, Grocery and Hardware
Roland Bros., distillery, saw, and grist mill.
Sanders, Mrs. Ella, millinery.
Sebree, Squire M., Propr. Farmers' Hotel
Settle, Evan E., lawyer and police judge
Snelson, John T., blacksmith.
Stamper and Son, general store.
Strother & Orr, lawyers.
Suitor & Hartsough, builders.
Taylor, Miss Myra, assistant and music teacher, Owenton High School.
Taylor, Mrs. Virginia, assistant teacher, Owenton High School.
Thomas, B. Frank, wagonmaker.
Thomas, R. Allen, livery.
Thomas, Mrs. R. Allen, millinery.
Thornton, John W., shoemaker.
Vest, Henry, propr. Exchange Hotel.
Waldrop, George F., General Store.
Waldrop, Rev. John W., (Baptist).
Wertheimer Brothers, clothing.
Wilson and Vest,  Stoves and Tinware.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bold in the book.