Arnold, R. M. Grocer
Bell, M Physician
Bourne, L. M. Druggist
Brumbach, G. W. Grocer
Byrnes & Hardon Undertakers
Clarton, G. B. Dentist
Cleveland, Mrs. Ida Millinery
Faster, J. C. Physician
Franks, L. W. Druggist
First State Bank T. J. Hardin, Pres.
Hardin, W. D. General Merchandise
Hardin, Len Dry Goods
Long, S. C. Physician
New, W. J. Harness
Pryor, G. L. Physician
Reid & Sullivan Livery
Smith, C. M. General Merchandise
Swetman T. S. Blacksmith
Vories Bros. General Merchandise



From Young & Co’s Business and Professional Directory of Kentucky, 1906-1907