A Status Report from the Superintendent


The public schools in this county have progressed steadily until they can be reported in first class condition.  Every school, with one exception is under control of a teacher holding a certificate of the first class.  We have lengthened our school term to seven and eight months.  The teachers are more and more wide awake.  It is not unusual now, for masonteacher to spend his or her vacation at a good normal school.  The attendance is much improved.  The trustees system is a bar, in some cases, to progress.  This year they will employ a good teacher, next year in inferior one, so that it is difficult to maintain a high and progressive standard.  It would be a great improvement if the county superintendent could be made chairman of the report, with a veto power.  He, necessarily, is well acquainted with the attainments of every teacher.  We have made fine progress with a county library, having accumulated 335 volumes, costing $266.30.  We have some very valuable works.  We had a fine and very interesting institute this year, conducted by Mr. R. M. Shipp of Winchester, Ky.  He is a very intelligent and valuable instructor, and out institute was a grand success.  I held a colored teachers institute August 20th, lasting four days. It was well attended and very interesting and instructive.  Mr. T. Augustus Reed was the instructor.

 The county school buildings and other property have increased in value greatly. We have now but one indifferent school house.  We now have fifty-five good frame houses and seven brick, valued at $40,000.  We paid out teachers from a state fund $2.42, and from the county tax fund $2.00 per scholar.  I am unable to note any opportunity for improvement, except as herein stated.

 The present superintendent has been in office steadily twelve years.  Sore bereavement and increasing years seem to form a necessity for his retirement. He has the satisfaction of knowing that he carries with him the love and respect of all of the county teachers.


Legislative document number 5.  The Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Kentucky, for the Two years beginning July 1, 1899 and ending June 30, 1901, H. V. McChesney, Superintendent of Public Instruction.