Make a Special Trip to Milton, Ky.,
To Inspect Plant of the Susquemac Company

A delegation of prominent distillers and wholesale liquor dealers from various parts of the country, most of whom were attending the convention of the National Wholesale Liquor Dealers' Association, which adjourned on Thursday, made a special trip to Milton, Ky., opposite Madison, Ind., yesterday to visit the plant of the Susquemac Distilling Company.

The party made the trip as guest of Morris F. Westheimer and David I. Johnson, of the Susquemac Company, and left at 9 a. m. in a special Pullman attached to the regular St. Louis train.  At North Vernon, the car was switched to the Pennsylvania and taken to Madison as a special train.   The distillery was reached shortly after the noon hour and the first thing that greeted guests was a chicken dinner, a la Kentucky, with the seductive mint julep as an appetizer.

A thorough inspection of the big distillery took place immediately after dinner, the visitors being conducted through all departments, from the grain elevator to the bonded warehouses.  the Susquemac plant recently completed a new warehouse, with a capacity of 23,000 barr3ls, which is said to be one of the finest warehouses for its purpose in the country.  There are three large warehouses holding an aggregate of 100,000 barrels of whiskey.  A large addition is being made to the bottling-in-bond department, which feature was of special interest to the visitors.

Returning, the party left Madison at5 o'clock and arrived at Union Depot at 8 p. m. A special dining car was carried on the return trip. Just before Cincinnati was reached on the return Emil Nathan, of St. Louis, called the party to order and a number of eulogistic talks were made conveying the appreciation of the guests.


from the Cincinnati Enquirer, May 28, 1910