Farmers Bank Grand Opening

Open House was held at the Farmers Bank, Milton, on April 8 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., celebrating the opening of their new banking quarters.  The new location is 100 feet south of the original bank and are regarded as the most modern to be obtained today.

A rosebud was given to each of the first fifty women who entered the bank.  Other favors, for women, men and children were also given.

The Farmers Bank was opened for business on October 6, 1902, with a capital stock of  $5,000.  A building was erected in 1902 to house the bank, and the building was occupied by it for  57 years until moved to its new quarters.

Nothing sensational has interfered with the strong steady growth of the bank.  The 1913 flood lapped at the foundations and the 1937 flood lacked but 18 inches of reaching the ceiling of the main banking room.  In 1945 the water was four feet deep in the lobby of the original building.  Robbers molested the bank but once and were not successful.

Officers and directors of the bank are:  Martin Thieman, president and director; J. C. Bailey, VP and director;  Charles Dettmer, director; George M. Young, director; Paul Austin, cashier and director; Doris Chapman, asst. Cashier.  Jeanette Baker and Marie Strasmeier are bookkeepers.

The bank has been completely modernized and the citizens of Milton are looking forward to a bright future.