Automobile Trip from Milton to Sulphur, Ky.

Log and Description of a Automobile trip from Milton to Sulphur, Ky - in 1910.

Odometer set at Zero - Leave Milton: Go south - ford a small rocky creek - pass a One story Frame Gen. Store; turn sharp to right -

.05 - cross small Wooden Bridge and continue - up a long Winding Hill, Turn Left at Toll Gate (20 cents) - for two Persons to Bedford, Ky. -

4.5 - We cross Small Wooden Bridge and make a Sharp Right turn -

5.6 - Turn sharp to Right passing a road to Left; We go past Lee's Port store

7.6 - At Callis Grove Country Store

9.6 Pass thru another Toll Gate and follow Telephone poles into Bedford -

10.8 - At Bedford-pass thru and pass a Cemetery and keep following Telephone Poles and make a turn Left at Tollgate. (25 cents to Sulphur)

12.3 - Turn Right

13.7 - Go down a long Hill

14.2 - Turn Left - then jog to Right around a small Wooden bridge - Jog 300 feet to Right - following a Stone Wall Fence; -

14.4 - Turn to Left, and cross Wooden bridge -

14.8 - Jog about 150 feet to Right - Turn Left - and Cross a long Iron Bridge. -

15.7 Cross a Wooden Bridge -

16.4 - Toll Gate - then follow Telephone Poles down grade - Turn Left and then Right-

18.9 - Ford a Creek, pass between Saw Mill and a Farm Cottage - then Jog to Left about 200 feet -

19.0 - Cross - Railroad tracks into Sulphur, Ky.

P.S. About 1913- the first Auto owned in Milton was property of Herman H. Schirmer.


The Trimble Banner Democrat published this on 11-16-1976.  It originally came from a book published by the National Geographic in 1975 called We Americans.