Please read this before contacting me.

We're always happy to hear from people with additional information, corrections, pictures, advice, and/or memories.  Really. But there are 13,200+ pictures here, and we've forgotten half of them, so if you're writing about an individual image, please be as specific as possible about which one you're talking about.  Much as we'd like to respond to people who write us to ask about “the church,” we really need to know which pic of which church.

If you have old pictures of Northern Kentucky scenes, we're happy to receive them.  If you want us to do the scanning, we're happy to do that, and can meet you at any library, coffee shop, home (including mine), or parking lot in Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati.  Got a written history of your community/school/church/police/fire department we've missed? By all means, send it on. Happy to give the author full credit.

On the other hand, please understand that all the pictures we have, we've posted.  We're not sitting on a stash from which we can pull a picture of your Grandma's house, don't know anything about the history of your family, and can't help you identify your antiques.  If we haven't posted it, we ain't got it. 

You can post pictures or questions to our Facebook page, or send email to this address:

bernspen at gmail dot com

We check Facebook daily, and that email box about once a week (it gets a lot of spam)