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John Burn's recently updated History of Covington Through 1865 is free, online, here.

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The ultimate Covington history book



The other ultimate Covington history book



Learn about the history of Newport's Sin City days, and the arson and cover-up of the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire. Highly Recommended
A thorough, well researched biography of Daniel Boone Night Riders and the Tobacco Wars of 1902-1908 Night Riders and the Tobacco Wars of 1902-1908 Clark's an eminent author, but this book is aimed at younger readers.
Delia Webster was an active abolitionist in Lexington, and Trimble County. Underground RR book, featuring the Rankin House in Ripley, Ohio The definitive work on the Margaret Garner tragedy, impressively researched. Story of the Civil War in Northern Kentucky (make sure you get the revised version)
There's a fourth book, not on Amazon, but at the site of the Campbell County Historical Society
Collections of Jim Reis' columns on Northern Kentucky's history from the pages of the late Kentucky Post, where they originally appeared.  There's a volume four, but you'll have to contact the Campbell County Historical society, here. While you're there, check at Curtis Dewees' David Leitch: Mysterious 18th Century Kentucky Land Speculator
History of the Latonia
 Race Track
Big Bone and its role in early scientific thinking. If you doubt the huge impact of Big Bone in the history of natural science, we've got a book for you. Recommended. How every town, city, county and 'burg in Kentucky got it's name.  Good stuff.
Legendary Sin City Newport Book Sin City, Newport Narrative of Boone County's John Tanner John Uri Lloyd biography
Read early Mason County newspapers without ruining your eyesight trying to read the microfilm. History of Newport David E. Schroeder's history of Ludlow 
Story of the Civil War General after whom Fort Thomas was named. Frankly, we recommend you pass. Stories by an L&N Engineer between Louisville and Decoursey The Ultimate Steamboat Reference Dr. Paul Tenkotte on the art of Mother of God
  The Pearl Bryan Story    
Contains Boone, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, & Pendleton Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Wicked Newport History of Boone County Courts




These are two novels of the Sin City era of Newport. Recommended. A best seller 60 years ago, it features a woman in Maysville. A novel from a native son of Brooksville.
Stringtown on the Pike Warwick of the Knobs Felix Moses, the beloved Jew Our Willie

Classic novels by John Uri Lloyd set in Northern Kentucky

Frontiersman is a page-turner on the life of Simon Kenton. Eckert insisted his historical fiction was absolutely based on fact. Critics have picked nits at that stance, but acknowledge as they do that Eckert's extremely close to the facts. First in a series of frontier-era books by Eckert. Recommended.
Seriously, you've heard a lot about Uncle Tom's Cabin (left) but did you ever read it? As an adult? You should. And when people questioned Ms. Howe about her factual basis, she published the book at the far left - a mother-lode of historical newspaper excerpts proving her points.
The Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe  
  Born in 1860 in Owen County, Kentucky, Florence Blackburn White later moved to New York , and published a number of novels under the name Wenona Gilman. You can find them online, but don't buy the set until you've read one. Or tried to.  
Author Fiske's grandfather was killed by the Klan in Owen County. This is an historical novel of the events of the period.    


The following are all from Arcadia's Images of America series:


Alexandria Along the Ohio Bellevue Boone County
Bracken County Burlington Carroll County Covington
Covington's Sisters of Notre Dame African Americans in Covington Dayton Erlanger-Elsmere
Florence Fort Thomas Gallatin County Latonia
Independence Fot Wright    
Lost River Towns of Boone County Ludlow Kentucky's Covered Bridges Newport in Vintage Postcards
Newport Newport Northern Kentucky University Northern Kentucky's First College
Northern Kentucky Pendleton County Trimble County Villa Hills
Walton-Verona Beverly Hills (The Entertainers)   Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery
Legendary Locals
of Covington
Dixie Highway Boone County Then and Now Fort Thomas,Then and Now
And a few periodicals you may find entertaining . . .
Northern Kentucky Heritage is an award winning periodical on the history of Northern Kentucky. S&D Reflector is a publication of the Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, and is a fantastic source of information on Ohio River life in steamboat days. L & N Magazine is the quarterly publication of the L&N Historical Society, and covers all of the L&N area, not just Northern Kentucky. The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society Magazine covers all of the C&O area, not just Northern Kentucky.
You can find additional Northern Kentucky Books at:
The Bracken County Historical Society
The Campbell County Historical Society
The Kenton County Historical Society
The Trimble County Historical Society