Civil War Skirmish Comes to
Demossville & Germantown

April 10, 1863

Lieutenant Rickertson, of the Eighteenth Ohio regiment, stationed at Demossville, Ky., having received information that a band of rebels were in the habit of holding meetings at Morris's Mills, in Campbell County, left his camp on the day before yesterday for the purpose of capturing them.  He did not find them at Morris's Mills, but two miles further on, near Roushe's house, he captured two men belonging to the guerilla band under "Jim Caldwell." Continuing the pursuit yesterday, Lieutenant Rickertson encamped within "thirty yards of the rebels without either party having a knowledge of it, and this morning Caldwell's party got the start. Lieutenant Rickertson, upon hearing their movement, following in pursuit." 

The rebels were not overtaken until they reached the vicinity of Germantown, in Mason County, where they were surprised and completely routed.  Lieutenant Daniels of the rebel party was killed in the fight that took place. and three others were wounded.  Caldwell escaped on a very fleet horse, while his men, except three who were captured, fled to the woods, leaving their horses in the hands of the Nationals.



from the Chicago Tribune, as quoted in the Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events, Volume 6.