The Steamer Convoy

Chief Engineer John Smith, Cook Betsy Smith, and between 12 and 14 deck hands and roustabouts are believed to have been drowned when the steamer Convoy, a coal boat, belonging to the  Hatfield Coal company of Covington, capsized and sank in the Ohio River, almost under the Southern Railroad Bridge, during the height of the storm last night.

Captain W. C. Curry, of Point Pleasant, W.Va., and Second engineer, W.C. Gordon, of Henderson, W. Va., were among the known saved.  The Convoy plies between Point Pleasant, Cincinnati, and Louisville, and had just delivered a load of coal to this city and was returning to Point Pleasant, her home port, when wrecked. From the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 18, 1915.


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 18, 1915.