State Park Near Covington is Authorized

Covington, Ky. , Jan 26 (AP) - Governor Earle C. Clements has authorized the establishment of a 1,000-acre State Park to be situated 15 miles from Covington, the Rev. Herbert Tinsley, Warsaw, speaker of the [Kentucky] House of Representatives disclosed tonight. He made the announcement at the meeting of the Fifth District Federation of Sportsmen in nearby South Fort Mitchell.  Mr. Tinsley said the park would be designated as “Daniel Boone State Park,” and would be developed as son as all the land is acquired.  He declined to specify the exact location of the area to prevent landholders from raising their selling prices. Bonding houses will sell revenue bonds to pay for the park, which will be entirely self-supporting, he said.  State park funds will be allocated annually for maintenance, he added. The speaker said that with such a heavily populated area to draw from, the park would easily pay for itself.  It will be the first such recreation ground in this part of the state.  It also will be the first the state has financed with revenue bonds.  


The above article is from the Louisville Courier-Journal of January 27, 1949.  We have no follow up information, but note Big Bone State Park wasn't established until, July 2, 1960, and has 525 acres.  And it's 25 miles from Covington.