Duplicity of the Kentucky Rebels


The People on the Lookout for the Rascals who are Emigrating Southwest.

According to the Louisville Journal, many rebels who left Kentucky last year, with Buckner, Duncan and others, are returning in disgust, but new victims of rebel sophisms are at the same moment preparing to enter the rebel service. Those who hoped says the Journal, that the last of the pestilent traitors had left our State with Morgan, are mistaken. Since his skedaddle. they have been gathering in Owen county from Henry, Trimble, Carroll, Gallatin and Boone. Owen is the general rendezvous and a week ago there were some three hundred in the upper end of the county. A Capt. Jesse. from Henry. passed that way about the 22nd openly, in broad daylight. and took such horses as he wanted indiscriminately from loyal and disloyal citizens: and on Wednesday and Thursday of last week a gang of one hundred, from Boone, gathered up ail the horses they could find between New Liberty and Poplar Grove. A third company came from Carroll, a few nights since, and others are forming in that county. These men are said to be headed by Bullit, and will no doubt attempt to go through Harrison, Bourbon and Montgomery. in the direction of Pound Gap,as they have men with them who know that route and it has heretofore been a very successful way of escape. A party of Henry county Home Guards are in search of these outlaws, but their retreat is very thickly wooded. and sympathizers will give them timely notice of the approach of any Union forces. The fact that as soon us a man turns Secession horse thief, and takes up arms against his country, or wishes to escape the vengeance of the law, he makes his way into Owen county. shows that it a sort of Alsatia— a sanctuary for thieves and vagabonds.


Daily Alta California, Volume XIV, Number 4577, 3 September 1862