Walton Train Wreck


A mix-up in orders, it is alleged, was the cause of a head on collision of two freight trains on the L. & N. Railroad, one mile north of Walton, Ky., yesterday afternoon, which will probably cost one man his life.  Five others were badly injured.

The injured are:

- Engineer Michael Everen, of 2021 Madison-av., Covington, injured about back and chest; internal injuries also feared.

- Frank Rothert, Latonia, injured about legs; will recover.

- Joseph Bishop, 1924 Madison-av., Covington, back and legs injured; will recover.

- Joseph Feaghy, of State-st., near Madison-av., Covington, back and legs injured, will recover.

- John Pendergast, 19 West Fifth-st., Covington, painfully injured about the chest; not serious.

- J. W. Osler, Madison-av., and Willow-st., injured about left leg and hip; not serious.

Everen and Pendergast were taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital after arriving in Covington on a special train, and the others were taken to their homes.

Both trains were running at a high rate of speed, it is said, when the collision occurred.  When the crash came, neither of the engines left the track, but jammed together.  It is said that two sets of orders were issued.  One was for the trains to pass at Walton. Ky., and the other was for the trains to meet at Banklick, Ky., a few miles south of Latonia.

The [rail]road was tied up for hours, and the wrecking crew, sent out from Covington, worked hard to get the track open to allow passenger trains to pass through.  Both engines were demolished and a number of cards were damaged.  The trains were in charge of Conductors Charles Long and Joe Johnston.

Physicians were hurriedly sent to the scene from Walton.  Before the track was cleared last evening, L. & N. Trains were sent over the Southern as far as Walton, where they were switched onto the L. & N. road again.


from the Kentucky Post, September 22, 1906