North Walton

We are very proud of our town.  The many things that make us proud are: We can boast of having an Appellate Judge, John M. Lassing, a gentleman well known and like by all Boone county people.  There is no position too good for Mr. Lassing.  We would like to see him president of the U.S.  We have the law firm of Tomlin & Vest, where you can get advice along the lines of law; the J. D. Mayhue Mfg. Co., the best place between Cincinnati and Nashville to buy building material; the Snider Preserve Co., where the farmers sell their tomatoes;  Allphin & Chambers Livery and undertakers – good safe horses, and finest turnouts for funerals, and supply of Raymond City Coal; O. S. Watts, fine groceries and feed of all kinds;  Watts & Garrison, live stock dealers, who pay the market price for  hogs, cattle, and sheep; C. O. Boyers bakery – bread like your mother used to make; B. C. Bedinger, real estate agent; the Walton Graded School, one of the best in the state; J. W. Cleek & Sons, agricultures and producers of fine horses and mules; Sleet West, bank cashier; J. C. Byland, Representative of Boone, and his three sons – Raymond, cashier of the Richwood Bank, Robert, clerk in the C. H. & D Ry. [Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad] office, and Wayne, clerk in the Big 4 Ry. office; David Haley, ex-politician and photographer; and other good citizens who have retired and live here for the benefit of the school and to help the poor.
  Now is the time to buy property in North Walton, for we will commence boring for gas this week, and it wouldn’t surprise the writer if this town is not lighted by gas before cold weather comes.  Only a few more building sites left on Lexington Avenue.


from the Boone County Recorder, July 4, 1906