Walton, 1907


The town of Walton, which is now the metropolis of Boone, is enjoying what some would denominate as a boom, but, when conditions under which its rapid growth is being made are understood, not a single “boom” element can be discovered. The causes of its growth are not at all of the speculative character, but on the other hand, are substantial and durable. Those who are buying and building there are not prompted by the spirit of the boomer, but are good substantial citizens who have faith in the town’s future as a business center of considerable importance, and a pleasant place in which to reside. No town in Northern Kentucky has undergone in the last fifteen years a change for the better equal to that which has blessed Walton. It has advanced morally and intellectually, while the wealth of the town has kept pace with these changes for the better. Besides its several good business houses, mills, etc., the people point with a pardonable pride to the numerous handsome and modern residences, the number of which is being increased every year. While Walton is reaching out for everything in sight that is calculated to increase her importance as a business center, she is attracting to her a splendid element of citizens from the surrounding county, and the more of those [who] move to Walton, the more will follow. Walton is showing great form and it is hoped that there will be no dropping off in the substantial growth she is now showing. 


from the Boone County Recorder, April 10, 1907