Walton-Verona Parents Vote Integration Now


Burlington, Ky., July 19 - White and Negro parents voted overwhelmingly tonight to end segregation at the Walton-Verona schools at the start of the September term.

Their expression of sentiment must be acted upon by the Boone County School Board before integration becomes a reality.

The meeting of parents was held in the new Walton-Verona High School at Walton.  Walton schools house 500 grade and high school students, while 125 grade school pupils attend classes at Verona.

Marked by Friendliness

Only 11 Negro children from the Walton-Verona district attend school in Boone County in classes at Burlington Colored School.  Two Negro high-school students from Walton are at Lincoln Institute.  Their room, board, and tuition, amounting the $15 per month, are paid by the School Board.

Tonight's meeting was marked by friendliness and amiability.

J. O. Ward, district school superintendent, said both white and Negro parents should help solve the problem of segregation in the coming term, but no one spoke out in favor of postponing the decision.

Mayor R. M. Hall of Walton said school systems throughout the south were facing a situation that ought to be resolved without friction.

"Personally, I can't see any reason why the decision should be delayed - whether we like it or not," he said.

Arthur Redd, first of the Negro delegation to speak, said:

"I have noted that Negro and white children in Walton play together like peas in a pod.  I know I'm in a minority group, so I'd like to have my ounce weighed like a pound."

Board Approval Predicted

There were approximately 75 white persons and 14 Negroes present. Forty-one voted in favor of ending segregation immediately and 18 voted to defer it for a year.  Several persons both white and Negro, refrained from voting.

Clarence Vest, board member, said he thought the decision of the School Board would follow the wishes of the parents.


from the Louisville Courier-Journal, July 19, 1954.  And by the way, if 75 plus 14 attended the meeting, that's 89 people present, and if 41 voted yes and 18 voted no, that means 30 abstained, for reasons you may speculate on for yourself.