Baptist Gathering, part 2

Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson, Rhoda Humphrey, Dora Pennington, J. B. and Maxine McCubbin, Truitt and Mary Russella DeMoisey, Charles and Violet Pather, Otis Readnour, Roberta and Bill Duschman, Elmer Breeden, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Struve, Mrs. Arthur Burdine, Carol Winburn, Charlie Sizemore, David Gerth, Carl and Mrs. Gerth, Mrs. Ernest Dance, Paul and Gwen Soden, Beverly Gerth, Larry Farwell, Kenneth and Wanda Dixon, Susan Gerth, Betty Simpson, Greg Sgruve and Ronnie Struve.

Among those standing are: Henry Sleet, Helen Chance, Cliff Chance, Juliana Shields, Lloyd Shields, Mary Rector, Brian Rector, Ann Meadows, Mark Meadows, Rev. Joseph and Emma Tackett, Mr. and Mrs. Webb Ferguson, Wilfred Rice, Grace Rice, Leo and Gaynelle Flynn.