Baptist Gathering, part 1

In no particular order:

Opal Dude Simpson, Barbara Simpson, Gertrude Daniels, Elizabeth Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Winburn, Effie Beach, Mrs. Benton, Maude Wilson, O. K. Powers, Bess Conrad, Grace Knox, Vera Wright, Kenneth Johnson, Sr., Jane Johnson, Jim Burden, Jean Burden, Bob Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Losey, Ray and Priscilla Losey, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Newby, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, Maynard Meadows, Mary Alice Conrad, Alva Falls, Doc and Betty Webster, David and Ernestine Deaton, June and Raymond Brewster, Walt and Jan Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robinson, Woody and Georgia Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Prentice Gouge, Elizabeth English Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lusby, Lawrence and Margaret Wilson, Bob and Ruth Stephenson, Stanley and Virginia Kacaba, Ben and Leona Jump, Jim and Bonnie Woods, Chloe Simpson, Mary MArgaret Allen, Stanley Allen, Christine Smith Thompson, Jimmy Pennington, Jim Bonar, Franklin Breeden, Ann Soden, and Bill Locke. 

Standing are Jim Smith, Nick Welsh, Chick Worthington and Wilford Rice.

On the stage are :Hary Weaver Sleet, David Afterkirk, Eddie Neumeister, and Paul Harold Wilson, among others.