Dale Says...


I found this picture of our house and farm taken in 1958 by an enterprising guy with a camera and an airplane, Out home and property were n a 40-acre piece of property t the corner of US 42 and Frogtown Road just outside of Union, Kentucky. 42 is at the lower part of the pic with our moss-covered lake between it and out ranch style house. To the left of the clump of trees was our neighbor's home which just happened to be built by our great great grandparents, Philip and Sarah Bondurant Baker in the 1820's. They are both buried to the right of their original home in the middle of the high grass and underbrush. We did not know they existed until we found their markers a few years later. To the far right of our hoe at the end of the road is another house that was falling down and was built by our great grandfather Daniel Baker. The first four barns were ours and the rest to the right of the belonged to Doc Edwards, who owned Doc's Place Restaurant in Elsmere, Ky. To the left of the driveway as it enters our farm is where the gas station was located, and next to it was Frogtown Road. Across the street was the Ferguson Farm, which is today Ryle High School.


from Dale Ashcraft, writing on Facebook