Boone Lake Fishing Club

Less than a year ago, the Boone Lake Fishing Club was organized, and leased the Old Louisville and Nashville Railroad property, twenty miles from Covington.  Already the club has sixty-five members – more than half of the one hundred to which the membership will be limited.  The lake is held open to fishermen until the total membership is reached, when it will be open to members only.   Boone Lake, located on the Dixie Highway (No. 25), offers eighteen acres of deep water, well stocked with Large and Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Calico Bass, Jumbo Frogs, crappie, Blue Gills and Bream, Channel Cats and Ringed Perch.  Recently, Silver Cats have been added and Rainbow Trout are being tried out.   During the early spring roads were completed to the edge of the lake, a bridge built and debris cleaned from the lake to reduce snagging and loss of bait.   There are fifteen boats, several cabins, a shelter house, and docks that extend from fifteen to twenty-five feet into the water.  A cistern furnishes drinking water, and wild rice, musk grass, water lilies, and duck potatoes have been planted.   Officials of the Boone Lake Club claim that it is one of the finest fishing spots with a radius of eighty miles and that after it has been under the control of their organization for several years it will be one of the finest in the country.  


From the Fall, 1937 issue of Kentucky Progress Magazine.