A Hidden Money Story


A pretty little hidden money story comes from Walton.  John Fleet, one of seven brothers, five of whom took their own lives, died recently, aged seventy-five years.  He was well-off, but very eccentric.  Before his death he had confided to an old Negro woman and another person that he had buried a considerable sum of money in some jars at certain places.  After his death the old colored woman lost no time in imparting the information she possessed to others.  They went to work at once to find the hidden treasure, and the report is that they were highly successful, discovering seven fruit jars which contained $15,000.  Other finds are expected.  The old woman comes in as a beneficiary to the amount of $2,000 under a will that was unearthed.  She is ninety-six years old.


from the Warsaw Independent, July 9, 1904