Gaines X Roads

The neighbourhood of Gaines X Roads was Settled by men of Sterling worth. The Roberts family, Burtons, Fennells, Simpsons Hughes Johnsons. The Rev. James Fennell occupied the Salem Ch--- for years and was very popular as a minister. The Syers family was also a large and influential family. The writer resided in 1829 a few months at the cross roads selling good a part of which time he was post master under Col R.M. Johnson and became acquainted with nearly the whole population. Henry Sayers Peter Jones on Eagle creek & Major Glass very companiable the writer greatly enjoyed their society. They were almost weekly travel on an the Stage to Cincinnati.

Early in 1830 the writer was occupied in a Store about a mile south of where Crittenden now stand at what was know as Robinsons Tavern occupied that position for nearly one year. Some of the prominent men of this neighbor hood were Mr. Fevley who occupied the first house in Crittenden. Littleton Robinson the tavern keeper and father in law of Farley. Our old and esteem friend Dr. Bennett of Newport also marred a daughter of Robinson. The Hendersons & McClures. James Rains a merchant and Dr. T.J. Horden, all excellent and esteemed men

Early Pioneers of (Kenton Campbell) Boone & Grant to look back at time it seems short near a half century ago the writer became acquainted with some of those early Pioneers. Let us Sketch a few of their names. Those with whom the writer first became acquainted I will begin with Major Abner Gaines living at the X Roads Boone County. Major Gaines was from Va came west about the close of the 18 century. He was the owner of the stage line and had the contract of Government for carry the mail. This was contract for many years and was very popular with all travels on this rout. He has a large family of children Col. James M. Gaines, was a prominent merchant in an early day. Major John P. Gaines, very prominent for while a representative in the Legislature, a very active in internal improvements, active in any position to which he was called was in the Mexican war, was taken prisoner in that was, and remained such for some time. Woodford P G, A.K.G. & A.L.G. sons and all prominent and active business men.


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