We were thinking Loreco is an odd name for a street, and decided to see if we could track down its origins.

The short answer is, we have no idea why the street is named Loreco.

We do note that the Enquirer has ads from a small chain of gas stations selling Loreco brand gasoline in 1927-1929.

We can say that the Walton Advertiser and Boone County Recorder have items about people living on Loreco Street as early as 1937.

We know that there was a gas station, owned by Lawrence Wilson at one time, at the corner of Loreco and Main, across Loreco from the Methodist Church, but have no idea what brand was sold there in the 1930's.

Can we throw those three facts in a hat, and pull out the conclusion that the street was named after the branch of gas sold at one end of it in the early 30's? Proper historians would be appalled at such a leap in facts, based on nothing more than very slim circumstantial evidence. And they'd be right.

The long answer is, also, we have no idea why the street is named Loreco.