Mayhugh Lumber

You may know it as the Mayhugh Lumber location, or the Walton Roller Rink, or the Bowling Alley, or a carpet store....

It's between US 25 and the L&N (OK, CSX) Railroad, directly across US 25 from High School Court.   It was Mayhugh Manufacturing, a planing mill on the Sanborn Fire Map of 1921. When Mayhugh Lumber occupied the building, there was a lower level, and a street level.  But they went out of business, deserted the building, and the Warsaw Roller Rink was built. circa 1943.  Wallace Grubbs, Dr. Maddox and Frank Demoisey were the backers.

It burned, and when it was rebuilt, they created the ground level version of the roller rink, which later became a bowling alley and any number of other things.