Mt. Pleasant

 Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church was located about two and one half miles west of Hebron, Ky, several hundred yards south of the old Bullitsville and Dry Creek turnpike, now Ky. 20.  It sat on a hill to the south of the pike overlooking the village of Bullitsville and was one of a group of buildings including the Bullitsville public school and the home of a family named Clare [I know, I think it’s “Clore,” too, but she’s very clearly written “Clare.”].

 In the late 70’s and early 80’s of the last century, this was a flourishing neighborhood church of the denomination known as Predestinarian Baptists.  Numbered among the members of its congregation at that time ere the following persons:  Joel Connor and his wife Mary, and daughter Nannie (Connor) Casey.  Harrison Clore and his wife Harriet. Jane (Connor) Clore. Charles Helm and his wife Lou (German) Helm and daughters Ida and Fannie. Mrs. Tommie Crisler and son Chas. Crisler.  Lystra Aylor and wife Margaret (Helm) Aylor and son William Lewis Aylor.  James Fletcher Clore.  Jimme [sp?] Balsley and wife Ida (Clore) Balsley.  Templeton Graves.  A Mr. Howard.  Dr. H. H. Hayes.  William T. Aylor and wife Mary Ann (Helm) Aylor and son Martin Leonard Aylor.  Benj Crisler and wife Laura (Aylor) Crisler.  Mrs. Jane (Helm) Crigler and son Chas H Crigler (dentist in Ludlow for many years).  Dr. Crisler practicing physician in Ludlow, Ky for years) and his wife [illegible] Graves, and many others whose names I can not now recall.

 Joel Cave Clore, Post Master of Cincinnati in the early 1920’s was an active member of this congregation as late as 1920.

 Hoping the descendants of some of these people, all prominent residents of Boone and Kenton counties seventy odd years ago may be able to tell you what became of the bricks from the old Mt. Pleasant church and suggesting that the site of the old building probably reverted to the heirs of the original owners of the land on which the church stood.

 I am very respectfully,

 Lucy Clayton Newman
610 Hawkins Street
Carrollton, Ky.


From an undated handwritten letter found in the files of the Filson Club, Louisville, Ky., in response to an old newspaper clipping asking where the church was, and what happened to the bricks.