Petersburg Robbery

Heavy Robbery at Petersburg, Ky.

The dry goods store of John G. Gaines, at Petersburg, Boone county, Kentucky, was broken into yesterday morning between three and four o'clock, and the safe blown open and robbed. It contained $1,800 belonging to Judge Hudnall, Collector of Internal Revenue for the Sixth District of Kentucky, also two hundred dollars belonging to Mr. Botts, two hundred and fifty dollars belonging to Mr. Berkshire, and five hundred and ninety dollars belonging to Mr. Gaines, proprietor of the store, ninety dollars of which was in gold and silver. No clue has been obtained as to the perpetrators of the robbery. Judge Hudnall arrived here last evening, and from him we learn the foregoing facts. The amount he lost had been collected from the citizens of Boone county. He deposited the money with Mr. Gaines for safe-keeping during the night, deeming his safge the most secure one in the place.


Louisville Daily Courier, August 20, 1866