Union Baptist


Union Baptist Church, a branch of the Big Bone Church, was organized in 1886 with thirty five members. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Huey and Mrs. Annie Bristow being the remaining members of that number. Rev. Lafayette Johnson served acceptably for a number of years as the first pastor, followed by Dr. Dam Adams. During the life of the church, many splendid men have been called to the pastorate, among whom were Dr. J. P. Stewart, who went as a missionary to Rome [!], Dr. Bradley Jones, now pastor of University Church, Baltimore, Md., Dr. J. H. Garber, of Hampton, Va., and Rev. W. S. Wilson. Under the leadership of Godly men many have been added to the membership. Rev. Victor Stephenson, a man of deep consecration, is now occupying the parsonage and serving as pastor of the church.


From the 1930 Historical Edition of the Boone County Recorder