The Walton Electric Light Company

The first mention we find of a Walton power company is from a 1914 magazine called Electrical Review and Western Electrician.  The complete story is: “The Walton Electric Light company is installing a lighting and power plant here.  H. W. Mayfield is interested in the improvement.”

The second mention we find of a Walton power company is also in Electrical Review and Western Electrician, from 1916, and says only that “J. E. Kelly, of Pee Dee, N.C., has taken charge of the plant of the Walton Electric Light Company. which he has purchased of H. W. Mayhugh.  He will enlarge and improve the plant and proposes to give day service.”

The third mention is an item from Electrical World in 1917, and says that the Walton electric light plant, “owned by E. L. Kelly, was recently destroyed by fire, causing a loss of about $5,500.” No mention is made of any insurance that might have been held, although most fire stories of this period had such information.

The last mention we find is journal that dealt with municipal electric“has approved a bond issue of $10,000 for the installation of a municipal electric light and power plant.”