The Walton Free School

 Walton, Boone County, Sept. 14. – This place has been in an excited state for some time over our free school.  A tax was assessed in the district for purposes of paying off some debts that were standing against the school house.  After paying the debt, a fence was to be built.  A part of the debt has been paid, but the fence has not been built, and the will of the taxpayers has not been carried out; and now, to crown their unfaithfulness, the trustees have employed a lady to teach the free school, and contrary to all the wishes of all the patrons of the school, except four or five.  The employing of a teacher has not been according to law.  There are from sixty to eighty scholars to attend the school, and the patrons know from experience that it is impossible for any lady teacher ever so well qualified to teach such a school. 

  Professor Newton has charge of the High School; which is large and increasing, there being a large number of interesting young ladies in attendance.

  Professor Warren Shelton, who taught the last free school here, has taken the school at Mt. Zion, this county.  He is looking well.  He is an old, experienced teacher, and understands the art of driving information into dull pupils.  He believes in the use of the rod; attacks the intellect at both ends, and can knock the dust out of a boy’s breeches to make him smart, at least.  


from Covington’s Daily Commonwealth, September 17, 1879