Walton Christian Church - Fire!


The Walton Christian Church burned down early in the morning of Thursday, November 27, 1947. The fire was attributed to a furnace which had been over-stoked in anticipation of the Walton Community Thanksgiving Service, which was to have been held at the church later that day.

Members of the Walton Volunteer Fire Department were assisted by firefighters from Independence and Fort Mitchell, as they fought from 2 am to 5 am to bring the fire under control. Walton firefighters, under the direction of Chief James Robert Allen, fought the fire for an hour before calling in help. 

Mrs. Marvin Gaines discovered the fire about 1:30, and reported that "Flames were shooting out the windows and the whole roof was ablaze.

The building was dedicated in 1918, and was built at a cost estimated to have been $50,000. Cost estimates for replacing the building placed the figure at nearly $100,000. The building was brick, and was noted for its carved woodwork. Additionally, a new organ, donated by Lynn and William Percival of Walton, was also destroyed in the fire. 

Also destroyed was the large book collection of the pastor. Rev. Fred Nichols had assembled his library over a 40 year period, and it included many books of biblical lore, volumes on theology and a large section of historical works. It also contained volumes that had been presented to Rev. Nichols personally.


Information here is from a number of articles in the Kentucky Post and the Kentucky Enquirer at the time of the fire