William Kelley


On Wednesday, the 6th of July, a man named William Kelley was murdered on the farm of Major E. W. Hawkins, on the dividing ridge between Boone and Gallatin counties, Ohio, in the vicinity of Verona. Suspicion attached to a man named William Ross, and a warrant for his arrest was issued, hearing which he voluntarily surrendered himself and was committed to jail at Warsaw. It seems that Kelley, who ia a quiet citizen, while engaged in plowing, was shot down by a person who had concealed himself in a clump of bushes, and fired at his victim when the latter was within thirty paces. One or two persons, about three hundred yards distant, heard the report of the gun, and also a cry from Kelley, and at the same time saw a man running from the bushes with a gun in his hand. When they arrived at the spot Kelley was found in the agonies of death. He expired almost immediately, without having uttered a word.


Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 17, Number 2609, 8 August 1859