Walton Graded  School


After considerable legal trouble the present building of the Walton  Graded School was completed in 1902 at a cost of about $11,000. The attendance of the first session,  the enthusiastic support and successful cooperation given the Board of Education and the teachers, show that the people of Walton and the surrounding county are not indifferent to education, but that they are beginning to fully appreciate  the value of a good school at home, where the common school work is well taught,  followed by four years of thorough high school work. Under the present efficient management of the present Board of Education,  consisting of Dr. A. N. Jones, President; George B. Powers, Vice President;  T.  F. Curley, Secretary;  A. M. Edwards, Treasurer;  William Ransler,  R. M. Jones and A. M. Rouse, and with the competent instruction of an able corps of teachers, consisting of W. P. Dickey, Principal, and Assistants Harriett Bedinger, Alice Coffman, Jean  Chambers and Mary Rouse, its patrons feel assured of the future success of the school   


Boone County  Recorder, August  1903