1883 Flood in Augusta


February 10. - The river is on a stand here now at 6 p.m. The warehouse of N. J. Stroube has in it 10,000 bushels of wheat. The water is about three inches up in the wheat. The building is surrounded with water, making it impossible to do anything with it. The business houses of Coburn & Stroube, groceries; H. Bertrams, druggist; W. P. Harbeson, stove and tinware; P. B.Power, dry goods; R.Brockman, jeweler; John Ammer, boot and shoe house, and James McKibbon, confectionary, are under water. the manufacturing and planing mill of Moneyhon, Kearns & Co., are under water. More than one-half of the town is under water. Most all of the cellars are full of water. The backwater is still rising, and family after family is being moved to safe quarters. Over 200 families have left their homes. Great distress here.


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, February 17, 1884