Cincinnati, February 12th.— The steamer Kate Waters returned at one o'clock to-night from the trip to Ripley with relief supplies. Messrs. Bishop and Collins, who went with the steamer, say the hills on the opposite side of the river form its banks. People ask first for news, next for ropes to anchor their houses and lastly for cooked provisions. None want clothing, houses are everywhere swept away or floating on their corners. Rural and Augusta, Ky., are wrecks. Water is running behind Augusta, making an island of it. Dover, Ky., is in twelve feet of water in the shallow lowest part. New Palestine, Ohio, - i» nearly ruined. New Richmond is still worse off. In Point Pleasant, Grant's birthplace, only two houses are out of water. Moscow is in bad condition. Many houses are gone. Neville is a week. Shiloh is worse than Neville. Higginsport is half in water. Levanna is badly submerged; Ripley is in a terrible condition. One side of a brick house in Ripley fell in to-day and other are weakening. . People say the farmers from the country are helping them wherever the roads and floods permit of access. The misery, destruction and distress cannot be overdrawn. The river is 70 feet 8% inches; weather growing colder.” Daily Alta California, February 14, 1884



A Citizens Committee Selected to Receive Contributions.

At 1 P. M. yesterday a number of influential merchants assembled in the [San Francisco, California] Chamber of Commerce, in response to a call by Mayor Bartlett for the citizens to take some action for the relief of sufferers in the Ohio River floods. In calling the meeting to order, Mayor Bartlett said it was not necessary to make any detailed statement of the damage done by the floods, the newspapers having made the public familiar with the facts. He read some telegrams he had received from the flooded districts — from John M. McGless, Mayor of Jefferson City, Indiana, stating that the distress was very great, more than 1,000 people being homeless; from G. L. Bradford, Augusta, Ky., stating that there was great suffering in his town, 100 houses having been swept away, leaving 500 people homeless; from J. J. White, Mayor of Middleport, stating that in his district 2,000 people were homeless ; from J. J. McFarland, Mayor of Portsmouth, Ohio, stating that thousands were homeless, and the distress and suffering were frightful.” Daily Alta California, February 26,1884