Judge George Doniphan


Mr. Doniphan was born in Augusta, January 23, 1861.  He attended Augusta College, afterwards graduating from the University of Rochester, New York.  There, he obtained the degree of A.M.

Later he attended law school at Cincinnati College, receiving the degree of L.L.B.  He opened an office for the practice of law in Augusta in the spring of 1886.  He was elected Mayor of Augusta and served for two years.

He has also served as city attorney.

Mr. Doniphan is a man of scholarly attainments with a cultivated and refinedintellect. His attention to detail and determination to master all difficulties are qualities which eminently fit him for his profession.  He enjoys the largest practice in the county.  The accompanying cut represents his home on Fourth and Bracken Streets, which was built about 1856.


From an 1897 edition of Headlight: Sights and Scenes Along the C. & O. Route which featured Augusta.