Thornton Marshall

Mr. Marshall is the oldest native-born citizen of Augusta. He is now in his seventy-eighth year.  Mr. Marshall is a polished, scholarly gentleman, handsome in appearance and aristocratic in bearing.

He has been a fine lawyer and a fluent speaker in days gone by, when he was in active practice of his profession.  In 1861 Mr. Marshall was elected to the Senate of Kentucky, and in that trying time he labored vigorously to keep the state from succession.  He is closely related to the famous Marshalls of Kentucky, whose names are so prominent in the history of our country.  Mr. Marshall is one of the wealthiest en in the county, and is a fine financier.  His time is occupied in the management of his estate.


From an 1897 edition of Headlight: Sights and Scenes Along the C. & O. Route which featured Augusta.