200 Masked Riders


200 Masked Riders Burn 40,000 pounds of Trust Tobacco


Night Riders Warn Telephone Operator to Keep Quiet Before They Use The Torch


No Shots Are Fired


Equity Man Accompanies


Brooksville, Ky., - March 10. (Special) Two hundred Night Riders visited this town last night, and, after taking possession of the Telephone Exchange to prevent the operator from giving the alarm, destroyed 40,000 pounds of tobacco in the warehouse of R. E. Sargon

The men rode into town from different directions and proceeded quietly to the telephone office where they at once warned the telephone operator not to answer any calls. None of the men was armed as far as the operator could discover.

They then went to the residence of W. Morehead, well-known tobacco man here and a member of the Society of Equity, and forced him to accompany them to the warehouse of R. E. Sargon, where both pooled and independent tobacco was stored.

Morehead was compelled to point out the pooled tobacco, and the Night Riders then got all the rest of the tobacco outside. There was about 40,000 pounds of the leaf, and, dividing it into two parts, ht raiders burned half of it and threw the rest around, generally ruining it.


Kentucky Post, March 10, 1908