Scandal in Brooksville, 1882

Such is Life


A Young Wife Leaves an Old Husband and
 Sues for some of His Property


Brooksville, Ky., April 22 - Quite a sensation is about to be created in social circles in this community, and when things assume proper shape it will prove an immense affair.  At present the matter is being kept very quiet, but this much has leaked out, which will give the Enquire readers a birds-eye view of the inside workings of the case.  It was brought about in the following way:

Several years ago, Mr. Thomas Haley, of near this place, now over seventy years of age, married quite a youthful girl, his stepchild a the time of his marriage.  Their married life has been anything but pleasant, they have separated quite a number times since their union.  She is now living away from him with five girl children, and Mr. Haley says she will never return.  She has instituted suite in Bracken Circuit Court against Mr. Haley for her third of the estate, Haley being worth $150,000.  Mr. Haley has prepared to defend the suit, and has employed ex-Congressman John H. Clarke, of this place, and Mr. Clarke has secured the services of Hon. Henry Wardsworth, of Maysville, to assist him in the defense. It is alleged that Mr. Haley is to pay the attorneys who defend him $1,500.  Hons. Ben Willis and Robert K. Smith, both of this place, have entered into the suit and will assist Mrs. Haley, and quite a lively time is anticipated all along the line

The matter is now the general theme of conversation in all quarters, and promises to be one of the liveliest and hardest fought suits ever entered in the Bracken Circuit Court.  IT is about the only sensation we have had in a long time, and the Enquirer will be furnished with full particulars as the case proceeds.


Cincinnati Enquirer, April 24, 1882