The Dover Ferry

Burnett Mann, father of William (Bill) Mann, operated a ferryboat between Levanna, Ohio, and Dover, Kentucky, back during Captain Boyd's time and before the great Levanna fire of 1887. The franchise called for a flat boat to be propelled by oars capable of hauling teams of horses, wagons, buggies, and passengers from the Ohio side of the river to the Kentucky side. The ferry dock was located in the “eddy” of the river, just below the Mann property, later owned by Ralph and Lola Stevens.

In the 1920's, Frank Collier, husband of Lizzie Chapman, operated a ferry at this point for a few months. There hadn't been a valid reason for a ferryboat between Levanna and Dover for many years but about this time it was rumored that a Carnation Cream Plant would be located in Dover. This idea went up in a “puff” however, when the Carnation plant was built in Maysville, Kentucky. This boat, named the Ruth Ann, was built in Levanna and christened Ashland, and operated in Ashland, Kentucky for many years. It was owned by James Robison of Bellaire, Ohio. During its short stay in Levanna, it was piloted by Jeff Jenkins, Hamer Lawrence and Frank Collier.

Abut 1930 or 1931,the last ferry in Levanna was brought here and operated by Russell Hanes and Frank Benner of Lucasville, Ohio. However, it was discontinued after the 1937 flood.


Marjorie T. Mefford and Hamer Lawrence