Big Public Sale of Flout Milford Flour Mills

Milford, Kentucky, Saturday, July 31, 1915, 3 p.m.

The Milford Milling Co., Milford, Ky., will offer at Public Sale, the Milford Water and Steam-Power Flour Mill and the premises connected therewith.

The property contains about ten acres, known as the Milford Mill Seat, which includes the Mill Dam, Mill Race and all the necessary appurtenances for the operation of a Water Mill, also a complete steam plant is connected with this property for its use in dry seasons when water supply is not available at all times.

Capacity of mill 60 bbl.  New machinery installed in 1911.  Big Custom trade.  Located in wheat growing belt.  A splendid property to the right man.

John C. Brough, E. T. Moore, Committee


Falmouth Outlook, July 16, 1915