Henry A. Jones


The steamer Henry A. Jones, Captain William Knight, bound from Cincinnati to Parkersburgh was burned to the water’s edge about a mile below Augusta, Kentucky, last Saturday night, at 10 o’clock. There were between twenty and thirty passengers on board, most of whom had retired to their berths for the night.  A cabin boy, as we are informed, undertook to fill a lighted lamp in the _______ with “burning fluid,” and by this criminal carelessness the explosive liquid was set on fire, enveloping the boat in rapid flames _____  that there was only time to run the boat to the Kentucky shore to which she was near, and for those on board to escape with their lives, some by jumping overboard, some by throwing over cotton bales, and getting upon them. Most of the passengers lost more or less of their baggage and clothing. Thomas Proctor, of this town, was on board, returning from Louisiana, and escaped by jumping into the river, in deep water, and lost clothes, and articles that he was bringing up for his family ______ to the amount of over $100. Boat and cargo total loss, together with books and papers.  The boat was owned by Captain Knight, of this county [Lawrence], and Captain P. Rogers, of Cincinnati, and was valued at $14,000; insured for $11,000.


The Ironton (Ohio) Register, March 4, 1858