St. Lawrence

The sternwheeler St. Lawrence was built in West Virginia in 1879,  and among other things had a stunning whistle.  She was originally intended to work the river between Wheeling and Cincinnati, but by 1884 was going to Pittsburgh.  Cincinnati's White Collar Line bought her later in 1184, and put her in service between Cincinnati and Maysville. 

It was in the early spring flood of 1866 when, trying to turn around, she got caught in a heavy wind near Augusta, on the upper side of Augusta Creek.  The wind blew her to ground, and the river dropped before they could free her.  She stayed there until the river flooded again.

She sank in Cincinnati on September 20, 1895.


The information above, as well as everything else you ever wanted to know about steam boats on American Rivers, is in Frederick Way Jr.'s encyclopedic Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1994, from the Ohio University Press. Way's famous in steamboat circles for his encyclopedic knowledge and vast collection of steamboat matters.