The GAR in Dayton

Cincinnati Decorates for the 1898 Encampment

In September of 1898, the Grand Army of the Republic, the G.A.R., held it's annual encampment in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  You can read a lot more about what the GAR was about at this site.  The annual encampments were not unlike what today we would call conventions, and the beaches of Dayton were a big attraction of such gatherings.

For the GAR Encampment, the City of Dayton, on Saturday, September 3, 1898,  published a Souvenir Booklet.  It's around 100 pages, and it's chock full of pictures: people, social groups, houses, and commercial buildings.  It has biographies and histories, and it's ALL reproduced herein.  Hit the back button, & enjoy.