Dayton Citizens' Committee,
Thirty-Second National Encampment, G. A. R.

Chairman, Hon. Charles A. Bird, Mayor

Secretary, C. B. Hayward     

Treasurer, A. F. Goetze                 

Sub Committees 

Finance W. M. Donaldson, chairman; A. W. Lett, M. T. Collord, H. Schafstall.

Day Decorations and Night Illuminations J. Junk, Jr. Music Geo. A. Klein, chairman; Louis Volk, Julius Plochg, F. H. Caldwell, G. S. Armacost.  

Halls and Meeting Places D. J. Hewetson, chairman;  A. H. LeRoy, Wm. Forester, M. C. Collins, R. H. Cox, John B. Heeg  

Printing R. L. Kimberly, chairman;  J. R. Yungblut, M. C. Collins, R. H. Cox, John B. Heeg

Amusements  J. W. Lytle, chairman; W. G. Parrott, W. E. Parrott, W. E. Piper,

Medical Corps Drs J. W. Hull, chairman; W. A. Yopung, J. S. Wallingford, R. H. Cox, Geo Totten

Bureau of Information C. W. Yungblut, chairman; C. B. Hayward, A. F. Goetze, F. X. Vogelbach, M. C. Collins, Louis Tiemann, J. M. Bohn, Clarence Hayward, Archie Donaldson, Harold Spencer, A. C. Bird.

Private Accommodations  Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Joslyn, Miss Lida Maxwell, Mrs. Twaddle, Mrs. Pine, Mrs. Winston.  This committee from Joe Hooker W.R.C.

Courtesies Hon. John P. Newman, chairman. 

Construction John Trapp, chairman 

The Dayton Citizens' Committee on the encampment has erected three electric light arches- at Sixth and O'Fallon, Sixth and Berry, and Third and Kenton.  These have seventy-five lights each, and the one at O'Fallon avenue bears the words,

 Dayton Welcomes the G. A. R.

September 1898 

The committee offers prizes of $5, $3, and $2 for the best decorated and illuminated private places.  A great deal of work has been done about the city and preparation for the great event.  In a word, Dayton is alive and enterprising in this manner.  Many members of the general committee, and some who are not on that list, have aided in the printing committee in getting out this Souvenir.  Without their help, the book could not have been what it is.  Messrs. Bird, Hayward, Hewetson, Collins, Lytle and others, have given great aid.