Newport's Street Names


Newport re-named many of it's streets in 1890.  Note that some of the numbered streets had different names for different segments of their lengths; also, some were already numbered for portions of their length.  See map above.

Today's Name Prior Name
First Short; Main
Second Eglantine; Whitten
Third Taylor
Fourth Bellevue
Fifth Madison
Sixth Jefferson; Todd; Walnut
Seventh Locust; Mayo; Elm
Eighth Goodman; Ringgold
Ninth Harris
Tenth Tibbats
Eleventh Williamson
Twelfth Liberty
Thirteenth Ward
Brighton Hubbard
Park Kilgour
Chestnut Lewis
Patterson Moss



The map is excerpted from a lithograph of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, by B. Oertly in 1855