Alexandria Bank

Ground was broken on December 16, 1902 on the new Alexandria Bank, across from the courthouse and next to Thurner’s Hotel.  Orth Brothers have the contract for the excavating and stonework. Officers are: Dr. N. G. Zinn, President; Andrew Thurner, Vice-President; W. W. White, Secretary.   The Board of Directors are: Frank Thatcher, Andrew Thurner and Dr. Zinn of Alexandria; William Blackburn of Grant County; T. W. Byrd of Grant’s Lick, Joseph Herringer of Brayville; Michael Kinstler of Claryville, George Warner of Claryville, Joseph  Wright and W. W. White of Alexandria.   The Bank of Alexandria opened April 6, and invitations have been sent to prominent farmers to attend. Timothy Daly, formerly cashier of the Williamstown Bank, will hold the same position in the new bank.


from information in the Kentucky Post of March 23, 1903 and Kentucky Times-Star, November 29, and December 17, 1902